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MouseTool version 3.13

How it works:
MouseTool clicks the mouse for you. Its basic operation is simple: it watches as you move the mouse, and when you pause, it clicks.

You also have many other options to control MouseTool's behavior:

* You can use hotkeys as if they were mouse buttons, or to control MouseTool.
* Smart Drag mode allows you to drag the mouse cursor without using hotkeys.
* MouseTool is context-aware; it is constantly watching the window that is under the mouse, so it can send the right click type (left-, right-, double-, or drag) to any given window.

On some systems, the mouse cursor automatically moves over the default button whenever you open a dialog box. If your system doesn't do this then you're fine, but if your system does this, you will have to disable this behavior in order to use MouseTool. This behavior is not a standard part of Windows; it is provided by third-party mouse software, usually in software provided by a mouse manufacturer. To disable this behavior, you will probably have to go to an icon in the Control Panel (but this depends on the software).

The License:
MouseTool is Donationware. What this means is that if you find yourself using it, please send a U.S. $20 donation to any charity of your choice. There are many good charities out there who could use your help - please give.

MouseTool is protected by the GNU General Public License, however. This means that you are under no legal obligation to pay any money whatsoever to anyone in any form in exchange for being able to use this program. It's yours, it's free, use it. I'd still appreciate it, though, if you would send $20 to a charity if you find yourself using the program.

MouseTool was originally written by Jeff Roush to help him deal with severe tendonitis. After having to leave a previous programming job because he was unable to use a mouse and keyboard, he developed MouseTool, which allowed him to use a computer again.

MouseTool's home:
MouseTool and its source code can be downloaded from the MouseTool web site, at For details about the GNU General public license, see the file gpl.html that should have been installed along with MouseTool, or go to the
GNU site, at