Boost Tracer Product Description


Tracer is a whole new kind of mouse you control by moving your head. Tracer gives mouse control to people with Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and any other disability where the user lacks the hand control to use a standard mouse but retains good head movement. Because its patented micro-gyroscope technology is remarkably precise - down to individual pixel resolution - anything that can be done with a mouse, you can do with Tracer. Draw. Surf. Design. Communicate. Connect.

The easy-to-use Tracer's micro-gyroscope technology senses the smallest movements of your head, then transmits those movements to your computer using radio frequency (RF) waves - not infrared (IR). That means Tracer works the way you want it to. No wires keep you tethered to your computer. Leave your machine, and when you come back Tracer will be ready. You can even plug your custom switches into Tracer's two standard 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mono adaptor ports for your own left and right click buttons that communicate through the same RF connection, so even these switches won't keep you wired to your computer.

Tracer's high-bandwidth, FCC-approved RF technology means your movements are translated instantly - with no annoying lag time. Unlike IR-based systems, Tracer will work in any light, so you can use it anywhere - even in direct sunlight or under fluorescent bulbs. And Tracer is self-powered, so you can use it with your laptop to go mobile without the hassle of an external battery.

Tracer's replaceable, internal rechargeable battery lets you work at your computer for over ten straight hours between charges. And, if the surfaholic in you needs even more time, you can buy a supplemental battery and charger for just $29.95. Plus, Tracer's "smart" RF technology allows up to seven different Tracers to be used in the same work area without interference, false clicks or crossed signals.

Tracer is ready-to-use right out of the box. No software drivers to install.* Nothing to assemble. Just plug it in, and you're in control. Your Tracer package also includes the gyroscopic visor, the radio transmitter (which doubles as a desktop mouse so you can collaborate with another person while still wearing the visor), and the receiver (which doubles as the recharge cradle).

Tracer works better than the other guys': compared to other head pointers, it is the most accurate and responsive, best featured, and best valued head pointer available. So use your head. Get a Tracer.

Click here to see Tracer's technical specifications.

* Older (pre-USB) Macs with only an ADB port require free, load-once-only software to configure the functions of the left and right mouse buttons.